Behavior analytic book publications (2023)

Academic Press

A Progressive Approach to Applied Behavior Analysis: The Autism Partnership Method 1st Edition, by Leaf et al. (eds)

Context Press

ACT and Applied Behavior Analysis: A Practical Guide to Ensuring Better Behavior Outcomes Using Acceptance and Commitment Training 1st Edition, by Thomas Szabo 

New Harbinger Press

The Behavior Analyst's Guide to Working with Parents: Acceptance and Commitment Training for Effective Parental Collaboration in Treatment, by Alyssa Wilson


Statistics for Applied Behavior Analysis Practitioners and Researchers, by Cox & Vladescu 

Back to Basics: Ethics for Behavior Analysts, by Kelly, Shraga & Bollinger

Promoting Desired Lifestyles Among Adults With Severe Autism and Intellectual Disabilities: Person-Centered Applications of Behavior Analysis, by Reid & Rosswurm

Clinical Systems and Programming in Human Services Organizations, EnvisionSMART™: A Melmark Model of Administration and Operation, by Bird et al.
Experimental Analysis of Behavior: A Primer for Practitioners, by Poling & Li 

Educational Practices in Human Services Organizations, EnvisionSMART™: A Melmark Model of Administration and Operation, by Maguire et al. 

Guilford Press

Behavior Analysis: Translational Perspectives and Clinical Practice 1st Edition, Roane et al (eds) 


Applied Behavior Analysis in Early Childhood Education: An Introduction to Evidence-based Interventions and Teaching Strategies 2nd Edition, by Casey & Carter 

People Skills for Behavior Analysts, by Hall, Maich, & Anderson 

Behavior Modification: What It Is and How To Do It (12th ed), by Martin & Pear
A good alternative to the Cooper book

Sloan Publishing
When Text Speaks: Learning to Read & Reading to Learn, by Ross & Greer 

Ethics: Proactive and Practical Decision Making for Behavior Analysts, by Karsten & LeBlanc 

Mainstream press

Results: The Science-Based Approach to Better Productivity, Profitability, and Safety by Dr. John Austin (he offers a free audiobook version)

Applied Behavior Analysis in Schools: Realistic Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions by Teachers, by R. Nicole Carr

AIM Explorers Curriculum Book, by Mark Dixon