Scholarly publications

Includes peer reviewed journals within and adjacent to behavior analysis
(Starred journals available to BCBAs through the BACB portal)

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis *
12/4 Call, N. A., Bernstein, A. M., O'Brien, M. J., Schieltz, K. M., Tsami, L., Lerman, D. C., Berg, W. K., Lindgren, S. D., Connelly, M. A., & Wacker, D. P. (2023). A comparative effectiveness trial of functional behavioral assessment methods. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 1–18.
Authors completed standard crappy FBAs and real EFAs for a set of 57 kids. The FBAs and EFAs had some correspondence, and all kids who completed FCT showed improvements

Behavior Analysis in Practice
Volume 16, issue 4, December 2023 (30 articles, 2 open access)
Most intriguing : The Basics of CBM: What BCBAs Need to Know
December 2022 issue of BAIP now free to view 

12/7 Penney, A.M., Bateman, K.J., Veverka, Y. et al. Compassion: The Eighth Dimension of Applied Behavior Analysis. Behav Analysis Practice (2023). Authors suggest adding "compassion" to the Baer, Wolf, & Risley dimensions 

Contreras, B.P., Lewon, M., Peal, C. et al. The State of Teaching Philosophy in Behavior Analysis Training Programs. Behav Analysis Practice (2023).
Authors surveyed verified course sequence (VCS) coordinators about their philosophy sequence, and found most emphasized Skinner and radical behaviorism; the authors recommend a broader scope of teaching. The supplementary information section has a list of readings recommended by VCS coordinators (ESM 3)

12/8 Mann, A., Grimes, L.M. & Leichman, E. The Need for Greater Training in Consultation for Behavior Analysts. Behav Analysis Practice (2023).
11% of BCBA programs include explicit training on consultation in mixed settings; authors recommend more

Behavioral Interventions *
12/5 Pálsdóttir, E. D., Magnússon, A. F., & Sveinbjörnsdóttir, B. (2023). An experimental analysis of task refusal: A comparison of negative reinforcement contingencies and transitions between academic tasks. Behavioral Interventions, e1993.
In one subject in Iceland, task demands were typically completed, but not when moving from high to low preference tasks. This was determined not to be related to escape, but to the transitions. Inserting a break between activities eliminated problem behavior

Perspectives on Behavior Science
Guidance on Use of LLMs (Large Language Models) (From Springer)
Their guidance: don't. Does this even need to be said? Apparently, yes.

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior *
12/4 Labrecque, J. S., Lee, K. M., & Wood, W. (2023). Measuring context–response associations that drive habits. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 1–12.
(Open access) Authors conclude that repetition improves performance through habit -- not motivation or other means

Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions *
12/5 Freeman, R., Simacek, J., Jeffrey-Pearsall, J., Lee, S., Khalif, M., & Oteman, Q. (2023). Development of the Tiered Onsite Evaluation Tool for Organization-Wide Person-Centered Positive Behavior Support. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, 0(0).
Authors developed a fidelity measure for implementing organization-wide PBIS -- not in a school. They then share challenges and results from implementation. Tool is available here 

The Analysis of Verbal Behavior
Volume 39, issue 2, December 2023 (5 articles, 0 open access)
Most intriguing: Do NOT Read this Article: the Effects of Autoclitics and Nudge on Choosing

12/8 McKeown, C.A., Smith, C.E., Vollmer, T.R. et al. Teaching an Infant to Request Help. Analysis Verbal Behav (2023).
Researchers taught an 8-month-old toddler with developmental delays to sign "help" -- which is shockingly not the easiest sign to teach -- and later used discrimination training when the sign was overgeneralized. A really excellent use of resources by these authors

Education and Treatment of Children
12/7 Brady-Ruehs, A.M., Carreon, A., Van Laarhoven, T. et al. Comparing the Effectiveness of Two Video Fading Procedures for Teaching Students with Developmental Disabilities Daily Living Skills. Educ. Treat. Child. (2023).
For four subjects, teaching through video modeling was more effective than through video prompting. The fading procedures were not significantly different in outcomes

The Psychological Record
12/4 Crone-Todd, D.E., Silva, F.J. Joseph J. Pear (1938-2022): Inventive, Innovative, Inquisitive. Psychol Rec 73, 611–618 (2023).

12/5 Hussein, L.G., do Nascimento Silva, L.T., Gil, M.S.C.A. et al. Effect of Density of Tests Interposed in Equivalence-Based Instruction on Speech Accuracy in Picture Naming. Psychol Rec 73, 525–540 (2023).
More testing between teaching units appeared to improve outcomes

Journal of Behavioral Education
Volume 32, issue 4, December 2023 (10 articles, 1 open access)
Most intriguing: A Review of Second Language Acquisition in Verbal Behavior Analysis

European Journal of Behavior Analysis
Volume 24, Issue 1-2 (2023) (10 articles, 3 open access)
Most intriguing: An assessment of the qualities and behaviors of exemplary practitioners: Perspectives from international and award-winning behavior analysts


ABA Inside Track
December 2023 Preview
Episodes will be:
Strategies for Addressing Escape-Maintained Behavior
Collaboration and Leadership in the School Setting w/ Dr. Bruce Tinor
The Year In ABA (2023) w/ Matt Cicoria

Operant Innovations
Thought Leaders 042 | Dr. Kristyn Peterson Part 2


Generally these are produced by professionals

The “Is Behavior Analysis BETTER?” Contest
Tom Critchfield's latest challenge: can you prove that behavior analysis is any better than anything else?

Quick Take: On Looking Backward to Look Forward
Keeping his up because we have ANOTHER memorial (Joseph Pear) to add to 2023


Making Travel Better for Autistic People

New Spanish Translated Course: Balance: Un Enfoque Paterno-Profesional Para PC Emergentes (4 CEUs)

Book publications

Academic or mainstream 

Academic Press

A Progressive Approach to Applied Behavior Analysis: The Autism Partnership Method 1st Edition, by Leaf et al. (eds) (Available now)

Context Press

ACT and Applied Behavior Analysis: A Practical Guide to Ensuring Better Behavior Outcomes Using Acceptance and Commitment Training 1st Edition, by Thomas Szabo (Available now)

New Harbinger Press

The Behavior Analyst's Guide to Working with Parents: Acceptance and Commitment Training for Effective Parental Collaboration in Treatment, by Alyssa Wilson


Statistics for Applied Behavior Analysis Practitioners and Researchers, by Cox & Vladescu 

Back to Basics: Ethics for Behavior Analysts, by Kelly, Shraga & Bollinger

Promoting Desired Lifestyles Among Adults With Severe Autism and Intellectual Disabilities: Person-Centered Applications of Behavior Analysis, by Reid & Rosswurm

Clinical Systems and Programming in Human Services Organizations, EnvisionSMART™: A Melmark Model of Administration and Operation, by Bird et al.

Experimental Analysis of Behavior: A Primer for Practitioners, by Poling & Li (Pre-order)

Educational Practices in Human Services Organizations, EnvisionSMART™: A Melmark Model of Administration and Operation, by Maguire et al. (Pre-order)

Guilford Press

Behavior Analysis: Translational Perspectives and Clinical Practice 1st Edition, Roane et al (eds) (Pre-order)


Applied Behavior Analysis in Early Childhood Education: An Introduction to Evidence-based Interventions and Teaching Strategies 2nd Edition, by Casey & Carter (Available now)

People Skills for Behavior Analysts, by Hall, Maich, & Anderson (coming soon)

Behavior Modification: What It Is and How To Do It (12th ed), by Martin & Pear (coming soon)
A good alternative to the Cooper book

Sloan Publishing
When Text Speaks: Learning to Read & Reading to Learn, by Ross & Greer (coming soon)

Ethics: Proactive and Practical Decision Making for Behavior Analysts, by Karsten & LeBlanc (coming soon)

Mainstream press

Results: The Science-Based Approach to Better Productivity, Profitability, and Safety by Dr. John Austin (he offers a free audiobook version)

Applied Behavior Analysis in Schools: Realistic Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions by Teachers, by R. Nicole Carr

AIM Explorers Curriculum Book, by Mark Dixon

Licensing & professional organizations


Sara Litvak, after having a clearly AI-written article retracted, has been replaced as CEO of BHCOE, had her webinars canceled, and is now not on the first "leadership" page -- she appears on a "Meet our founder" tab

BF Skinner Foundation
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Some media representations of autism across the lifespan
A great list of a collection of ASAT articles

Business world

Autism services, behavioral health, etc.

‘This Isn’t Just a Payer Problem’: Health Plans and Providers Must Jointly Address Ghost Networks
Inaccurate Medicare listings are a problem

Accidentally behavior analysis

A mainstream news article that relates to behavior analysis

Elon Musk’s Neuralink raises additional $43 million, Modern Healthcare

First, the author of this article has a truly unfortunate name. Second, we know that, beyond Elon’s patented monkeytorture ™ procedure, the monkeys need “up to a year’s worth of behavioral training.” What’s the ethical tradeoff for a behaviorist, a discount on a Tesla or something?

Continuing education


BehaviorLive has a list of events, some of which are free: 12/12 (ethics), 12/13, 12/14, 12/20


An interview with Joseph Pear (RIP) about the history of behavior analysis that includes a section called “What will you be remembered for.” He replies, “You mean…what am I going to be reinforced by, after I die?” He also hoped to work with fish in the future, which he did.