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Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis *
12/17 Mace, F.C. (2023), Brian A. Iwata: In Memorial. J Appl Behav Anal. 

12/18 Vollmer, T.R., DeLeon, I.G. and Schneider, C.I. (2023), Brian Iwata as Mentor, Colleague, Father. J Appl Behav Anal.

12/22 Norris, H. M., & Greer, B. D. (2023). Relative preference for distinct reinforcers maintaining destructive behavior. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 1–14.
(Open access) In multiple schedules, kids with destructive behavior typically chose one condition over the others

Behavior Analysis in Practice
Volume 16, issue 4, December 2023 (30 articles, 2 open access)
Most intriguing : The Basics of CBM: What BCBAs Need to Know
December 2022 issue of BAIP now free to view 

12/21 Rees, R.E., Seel, C.J., Huxtable, B.G. et al. Using the Preschool Life Skills Program to Support Skill Development for Children with Trauma Histories. Behav Analysis Practice (2023).
The Preschool Life Skills program (available here), another Greg Hanley joint, was used with two boys who both acquired the skills (though there were problems with maintenance)

Behavioral Interventions *
12/18 Colombo, R. A., Munoz, A., Wallace, M., & Legaspi, D. (2023). Functional analysis and treatment of adult problem behavior: A review. Behavioral Interventions, e1998.
A literature review of FAs and treatment of adults that finds only 28 (!) articles in 25 years

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior *
12/17 Bryant, K. G., & Barker, J. M. (2023). Positive correlation between measures of habitual responding and motivated responding in mice. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 1–14.
Habit & motivation are different processes (so we're learning, through JEAB), and are sensitive to ethanol and biological sex

12/22 Thrailkill, E. A., & Daniels, C. W. (2023). The temporal structure of goal-directed and habitual operant behavior. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 1–14.
(Open access) Temporal patterns of behavior do not seem to reveal whether they are goal-directed or habitual

The Analysis of Verbal Behavior
Volume 39, issue 2, December 2023 (5 articles, 0 open access)
Most intriguing: Do NOT Read this Article: the Effects of Autoclitics and Nudge on Choosing

12/22 Hewett, K., Hawkins, E. The Use of Multiple Exemplar Instruction to Induce Emergent Listener Discriminations and Emergent Intraverbal Vocal Responses in Autistic Children. Analysis Verbal Behav (2023).
Tact training alone resulted in emergent intraverbals for 1/4 participants; multiple exemplar training led to emergent intraverbals in the remaining 3. Some studies have shown that tact training alone may be the most efficient language teaching method for most kids

Education and Treatment of Children
12/19 Smith, K., Milyko, K., Fuller, T. et al. Utilizing a Discriminate-Generate-Operate-Demonstrate Framework for Instructional Design. Educ. Treat. Child. (2023).
A tutorial on instructional design based on a linear hierarchy

The Psychological Record
12/18 Okouchi, H. An Irreversible Effect of Response Cost on Human Fixed-Interval Responding. Psychol Rec (2023).
In a computer game with points, when responses suddenly lose points, responding is suppressed even after responses return to normal 

Petursdottir, A.I. To Dismantle or Not to Dismantle: Components of Derived Relational Responding. Psychol Rec (2023). 

Two different approaches to researching derived relational responding are described 

Fields, L., Arntzen, E. Meaningful Stimuli and Equivalence Classes: The Intersection of Hedonics, Connotative, Denotative, and Discriminative Functions. Psychol Rec (2023).
A seemingly complicated discussion of how members of an equivalence class can relate

Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science
12/22 Verbal relations in the context of university experience: An exploratory analysis using a relational density theoretical framework and case example
(In press) Honestly...they mostly did ACT with 1 college student and it worked pretty well

Journal of Behavioral Education
Volume 32, issue 4, December 2023 (10 articles, 1 open access)
Most intriguing: A Review of Second Language Acquisition in Verbal Behavior Analysis

European Journal of Behavior Analysis
Volume 24, Issue 1-2 (2023) (10 articles, 3 open access)
Most intriguing: An assessment of the qualities and behaviors of exemplary practitioners: Perspectives from international and award-winning behavior analysts

Perspectives on Behavior Science
Volume 46, Issue 3-4, December 2023 (10 articles, 2 open access)
Most intriguing: Contrasting Accounts of Early Speech Perception and Production

REBAC: The Brazilian Journal of Behavior Analysis
v. 19, no. 2 (2023) (15 articles)
Most intriguing: Behavioral strategies used by speech therapists to teach verbal behavior to individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder


ABA Inside Track
Episode 262 - Collaboration and Leadership in the School Setting w/ Dr. Bruce Tinor

Behavioral Observations
Critical Thinking About Psychological Concepts: Session 249 With Hank Schlinger

Building Better Businesses in ABA

Episode 90: Mixing Family & Business with Axis CEO Kristin Hanson


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‘The ABA Industry Is Maturing’: Autism Executives Predict Growth, Innovation in 2024
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60% of IDD Providers Thinking About Shutting Down Services
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Accidentally behavior analysis

A mainstream news article that relates to behavior analysis

Dozens Of Assisted-Living Residents Died After Wandering Away Unnoticed, The Washington Post

(Link includes mild descriptions of death/suffering)
1.) Wandering increases with the onset of dementia (in fact, it’s a symptom)
2.) While gerontology is a specialization, behavior analysis has been used to treat wandering
3.) From the link in point two, those with developmental disabilities are five times more likely to develop dementia

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Prisoners of Silence (1992), a 1-hour PBS Frontline documentary, masterfully debunked facilitated communication 31 years ago. Doug Biklen still has FC included in his bio. And while he mentions TV appearances, he doesn’t include Frontline…