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Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis *
12/11 Lerman, D.C. and Fritz, J.N. (2023), Brian A. Iwata, PhD: A Life Well Lived. J Appl Behav Anal.

Behavior Analysis in Practice
Volume 16, issue 4, December 2023 (30 articles, 2 open access)
Most intriguing : The Basics of CBM: What BCBAs Need to Know
December 2022 issue of BAIP now free to view 

12/15 Linnehan, A.M., Abdel-Jalil, A., Klick, S. et al. Foundations of Preemptive Compassion: A Behavioral Concept Analysis of Compulsion, Consent, and Assent. Behav Analysis Practice (2023).
The authors propose a framework based on degrees of freedom, from coercion, to consent, to assent. They also propose that freedom from distress is a reinforcer for the behavior of the provider

Behavior and Social Issues
12/11 Mellon, L.S., Greer, R.D. Effects of a Composite-to-Component Vocal Phoneme Segmentation Intervention on Remediating Kindergarteners’ Difficulties in Learning to Read. Behav. Soc. Iss. (2023).
Five kindergarteners who did not learn to read through conventional teaching were provided an intervention wherein they were taught to segment spoken words into component phonemes; all learned to read

Education and Treatment of Children
12/11 Mathur, S.R., Oakes, W.P., Clark, H.G. et al. Introduction to the Special Issue Teacher Educators for Children with Behavioral Disorders (TECBD) Conference. Educ. Treat. Child. (2023).

12/12 Harris, A.B., Konrad, M. & Shawbitz, K.N. Using Flowcharts to Teach Spelling to Students with High-Incidence Disabilities in an Alternative School. Educ. Treat. Child. (2023).
In an alternative school, two kids were taught to use a flowchart to improve their spelling; both acquired the skill and improved their spelling. The supplementary information has a fidelity checklist and a social significance questionnaire

Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science
Psychometric properties and measurement invariance of the multidimensional psychological flexibility inventory- Persian (MPFI-P): An extensive investigation of long and short versions in community and clinical-analogue samples
(In press) MPFI: Persian version

The Analysis of Verbal Behavior
Volume 39, issue 2, December 2023 (5 articles, 0 open access)
Most intriguing: Do NOT Read this Article: the Effects of Autoclitics and Nudge on Choosing

Journal of Behavioral Education
Volume 32, issue 4, December 2023 (10 articles, 1 open access)
Most intriguing: A Review of Second Language Acquisition in Verbal Behavior Analysis

European Journal of Behavior Analysis
Volume 24, Issue 1-2 (2023) (10 articles, 3 open access)
Most intriguing: An assessment of the qualities and behaviors of exemplary practitioners: Perspectives from international and award-winning behavior analysts


ABA Inside Track
Episode 261 - Strategies for Addressing Escape-Maintained Behavior

Behavioral Observations
A Review Of Autism Diagnostic Practices: Session 248: Whitney Ence and Elisabeth Sheridan

Building Better Businesses in ABA
Episode 90: Mixing Family & Business with Axis CEO Kristin Hanson

Operant Innovations
BOOST U! 005 | Test Success: Breaking Down Scenario Questions


Generally these are produced by professionals

Deadline Extended to December 30 for the “Is Behavior Analysis Better?” Contest
Tom Critchfield's latest challenge: can you prove that behavior analysis is any better than anything else?

Your Teachers and Mentors in Behavior Analysis
Mirari Elcoro remembers Dr. Beth Sulzer-Azaroff

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Plain Language COVID-19 Resources
Fairly extensive resource for explaining Covid

Business world

Autism services, behavioral health, etc.

The ABA Staffing Strategies That Work — And The Ones That Fall Flat
Money isn't everything (research bears this out), but other strategies can help. Examples include: a clear career ladder (clinical and admin); flexibility in scheduling or location; etc.

Accidentally behavior analysis

A mainstream news article that relates to behavior analysis

Elon Musk’s New Monkey Death Claims Spur Fresh Demands for an SEC Investigation, Wired

Another article on this. Elon claims the monkeys were “terminal,” but what goes unmentioned in this article is a detail we posted last week: we know that, beyond Elon’s patented monkeytorture ™ procedure, the monkeys need “up to a year’s worth of behavioral training.” What’s the ethical tradeoff for a behaviorist, a discount on a Tesla or something?

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