Scholarly publications

Includes peer reviewed journals within and adjacent to behavior analysis
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Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis * Volume 57, Issue 2 Spring 2024 19 articles, 6 open access
Most intriguing: Relative preference for distinct reinforcers maintaining destructive behavior

4/2 Van Arsdale, A., Ibañez, V. F., & Vollmer, T. R. (2024). Noncontingent reinforcement in the treatment of pediatric feeding disorder: A concise review. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 1–5.
A literature review; it's not easy to summarize, but could be a good read if you're involved in feeding disorders

4/5 Farnsworth, T. G., & Thompson, R. H. (2024). Improving undergraduate students' email etiquette with computer-based instruction. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 1–12.
Instructions, model, quiz, and quiz feedback delivered online were effective and improving professionalism of emails

Behavior Analysis in Practice
4/1 Napolitano, D.A., Cohen, L.A. & Cihon, T.M. Behavior Analysis at a Macro Level: The Case for Behavior Analysts in Public Policy Work. Behav Analysis Practice (2024).
The authors make the case for learning from and partnering with skilled advocates, and make a case for advocacy at all levels 

Malkin, A., Riosa, P.B., Mullins, L. et al. #ExploratoryAnalysisOfSentimentTowardABAonTwitter. Behav Analysis Practice (2024).
A small amount of Twitter posts about ABA are negative, but they receive disproportionate engagement. This could be summarized as: the internet

Behavioral Interventions *
4/1 Nuzzolo, R., & Walker, H. (2024). The effects of sensory integration on stereotypy of preschool students with autism. Behavioral Interventions, e2016.
Sensory integration ("sensory diet") doesn't have an effect on stereotypy

Behavior and Social Issues
4/4 Ratkos, T. How Does It Feel to Leave Your Protest?. Behav. Soc. Iss. (2024).
(Open access) Advocacy and activism could be improved by manipulating consequences

Behavior Modification *
4/1 Barber, K. E., Pitts, B. X., Stiede, J. T., Espil, F. M., Woods, D. W., Specht, M. W., Bennett, S. M., Walkup, J. T., Ricketts, E. J., McGuire, J. F., Peterson, A. L., Compton, S. N., Wilhelm, S., Scahill, L., & Piacentini, J. C. (2024). Perceived Negative Effects of Tic Management Strategies in Adults With Tic Disorders. Behavior Modification, 0(0).
Behavior therapy does not lead to negative effects in tic management (as compared to other forms of therapy), but people who didn't improve with treatment were likely to report negative effects

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior *
4/1 Meshes, E., Tarbox, J., Meshes, J. A., & Odum, A. L. (2024). An apparatus and procedure for studying discounting of real outcomes of money and aversive sound. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 1–10.
How long will people listen to annoying sounds for money? Only one way to find out

Education and Treatment of Children Volume 47, Issue 1 March 2024 7 articles, 1 open access
Most intriguing: A Comparison of Repeated Reading and Listening While Reading to Increase Oral Reading Fluency in Children

The Psychological Record Volume 74, Issue 1 March 2024 12 articles, 2 open access
Most intriguing: An Irreversible Effect of Response Cost on Human Fixed-Interval Responding

Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science
4/5 Combining acceptance and commitment therapy with adventure therapy to face vulnerability: Examples and insights from a sailing experience
ACT and nature, like peanut butter and chocolate 

Effects of acceptance and commitment therapy-based intervention on fatigue interference and health-related quality of life in patients with advanced lung cancer: A randomised controlled trial
ACT can improve quality of life in advanced lung cancer patients

Book publications

Textbooks, handbooks, manuals, or mass-market

Sloan publishing
Ethics: Proactive and Practical Decision Making for Behavior Analysts, LeBlanc & Karsten

2023: A list here


ABA Inside Track
April 2024 Preview

Behavioral Observations
Practical Strategies For Passing The Exam: Session 259 With Dana Meller and Steve Eversole

Behavior Analysis in Practice- The Podcast
S6E5: Trends in Reporting Procedural Integrity: A Comparison with Justin Han & Samantha Bergmann


Generally these are produced by professionals

Who is Responsible for Employee Self-Care?
Nick Green has data that shows that employees believe they are partially responsible, along with the business itself. He also briefly mentions an excellent article about self care at the employee level. However: are employees unfairly blamed for (and made responsible for mitigating) burnout suffered at the hands of a poorly-designed system?

"B.F. Simpson"
Tom Critchfield uncovers the overlap of The Simpsons and B.F. Skinner

Behavior Analyst Trading Cards Available Soon in the ABAI Store
There's gum in each pack (but you have to earn it with 5 tokens)

Decoding Memory: A Behavioral Perspective
Includes some great links that can help guide clinicians to teach "recall" strategies

Impactful Reading for New Behavior Analysts

Keep Calm and Enjoy the Victory Lap
Behaviorism is for winners

Equipping Clinicians to Address Sexual Health with Autistic Patients

Licensing & professional organizations

Teighlor McGee Grassroots Mini Grants
Up to $5,000 for autistic advocacy projects

Business world

Autism services, behavioral health, etc.

Autism Accreditation Org BHCOE Rebrands to Jade Health
I don't know how much to write about this issue, but the article covers some of the issues around BHCOE

Lawmakers target private equity in healthcare, citing 'rot'
And in related news, private equity couldn't kill enough people at Chipotle so they moved into nursing homes and hospitals

Accidentally behavior analysis

A mainstream news article that relates to behavior analysis

These identical twins both grew up with autism, but took very different paths, NPR
It’s clear that autism has a genetic component. Nevertheless even twins can look very different – in this case, extremely so. Is there a further developmental process at play, such as during gestation or shortly thereafter? 

Continuing education


BehaviorLive has a list of events, some of which are free: 4/18, 4/24 (SUP)


Token economies: more effective than Ritalin

We’ve known since 1975 that tokens beat Ritalin in the treatment of hyperactivity. Do pediatricians know?