Scholarly publications

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Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis *
5/2 Weber, J., Fahmie, T., Walker, S., Lambert, J., Copeland, B., Freetly, T., & Zangrillo, A. (2024). Exploring factors that influence the efficacy of functional communication training. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 1–16.
(Open access) In a series of 95 FCT treatments, the authors found that behavior maintained by a single function was easier to treat; and that multiple functions were most impacted by an escape condition because tangibles are not typically delivered in an escape condition

Behavioral Interventions *
4/29 Zhou, L., Hu, X., Qi, X., Song, H., Zhou, Y., & Song, W. (2024). Teaching a foreign language to students with autism via telehealth in inclusive school settings. Behavioral Interventions, e2024.
Tacts were slightly more effective than listener instruction in foreign language acquisition

5/1 Creem, A. N., Leaf, J. B., Cihon, J. H., Gerhardt, P. F., Lee, M., & Moon, E. (2024). The effectiveness of an executive function program for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Behavioral Interventions, e2023.
Three subjects were taught "executive function" skills in a BST format (called "teaching interaction" because some of the authors on this piece prefer it that way) and acquired the skills

Perspectives on Behavior Science
4/29 Rasmussen, E.B., Camp, L. & Lawyer, S.R. The Use of Nonmonetary Outcomes in Health-Related Delay Discounting Research: Review and Recommendations. Perspect Behav Sci (2024).
(Open access) Imaginary delay discounting tasks are reportedly effective, and typically use money; sometimes these tasks use other stimuli. Depending on the research question, the authors argue that it might make more sense to use these other stimuli instead of money

4/30 Dowdy, A., Prime, K. & Peltier, C. Generalized Linear Mixed Effects Modeling (GLMM) of Functional Analysis Graphical Construction Elements on Visual Analysis. Perspect Behav Sci (2024).
(Open access) Hypothetical EFA graphs were manipulated according to different graph construction conventions; BCBAs did not always correctly ascertain function based on visual analysis alone 

Mason, L., Otero, M. & Andrews, A. Analyzing the Functional Interdependence of Verbal Behavior with Multiaxial Radar Charts. Perspect Behav Sci (2024).
(Open access) The authors use a multi-axial circular chart to display complex data; in this case, verbal behavior.

Behavior and Social Issues
4/29 Maurilus, E.N., Greer, R.D. The Effect of the Establishment of Preference for Math on Rate of Learning for Pre-Kindergarten Students. Behav. Soc. Iss. (2024).
When math is paired with reinforcers, performance in math increases

Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions *
5/1 Brennan, C., Deegan, A., Bohan, C., & Smyth, S. (2024). A Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis of Single-Case Group Contingency Interventions Targeting Prosocial and Antisocial Behavior in School Children. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, 0(0).
(Open access) The authors completed a literature review of group contingencies, specifically looking into whether prosocial behaviors were increased and anti-social behaviors were decreased. They found that the 22 articles they reviewed did not meet WWC standards (though Zig had his issues with them)

Book publications

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Sloan publishing
Ethics: Proactive and Practical Decision Making for Behavior Analysts, LeBlanc & Karsten

2023: A list here


ABA Inside Track
May 2024 Preview
Toilet Training Revisited w/ Dr. Maeve Donnelly

Concurrent Chains Arrangement

(LISTENER CHOICE) Consultation in Behavior Analysis

(UNLOCKED) Calling Bullshit Book Club

Behavioral Observations
Behavior Analytic Approaches to Counseling and Therapy: Session 262 with Pat Friman


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CONNECTIONS: Serious Humor and Purposeful Preposterousness in Science

Followup: More Science Humor Exemplars to Boost Your Relational Repertoire

Steve Hayes
How to Stop Being an Impostor

Health Resources for Autistic Individuals and Families

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The BACB’s New Look
A new logo, and I don't like it

ASAN Applauds HHS Section 504 Final Rule

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Autism services, behavioral health, etc.

360 Behavioral Health CEO Departs, COO Takes Over on Interim Basis
Could it be because he bankrolled insanely transparent advertorials?

Accidentally behavior analysis

A mainstream news article that relates to behavior analysis

South Dakota Animal Rescue: Sorry Kristi Noem, There Are No ‘Untrainable’ Dogs, The Daily Beast
Future reality show contestant Kristi Noem (ghost)wrote a book, and reportedly shares a story wherein she personally shot a dog that did not behave the way she imagined it would. There’s no such thing as a bad boy, though there is a bad governor of the lesser Dakota. Good animal trainers can eliminate an aggressive response to approach in 20 minutes, or put a complex behavior under stimulus control

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Wayne Fisher has jokes

In the spirit of Tom Critchfield’s ABAI blog posts about humor, here is Wayne Fisher explaining FA methodology and FCT by way of a street joke. My understanding of jokes is that they represent “incongruence,” partially because you see this phenomenon in some animals.