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Behavior Analysis in Practice Volume 17(1); 2024 Mar 28 articles, 2 open access
Most intriguing: The Effects of Motor Fluency on Dressing Tasks and Decreasing Escape Behaviors

2/26 Martin Loya, M.R., Meadan, H. I’m One Person, I Can’t Be Everywhere: Challenges and Needs of Bilingual Behavior Analysts. Behav Analysis Practice (2024).
Interviews with bilingual providers

Jimenez-Gomez, C., Lechago, S. & Rios, D. An Exploratory Survey of Latinidad in Behavior Analysis. Behav Analysis Practice (2024).
A survey aimed at better understanding the cultural background of Latino behavior analysts

2/27 Morris, C., Donovan, M.T. & Switzer, E.J. The Scope of Practice of Applied Behavior Analysis in State Licensure Laws. Behav Analysis Practice (2024).
The authors identify state licensure laws and compare the defined scope of practice to Baer, Wolf & Risley (1968)

2/28 Burney, V., Arnold-Saritepe, A. & McCann, C.M. How Can Qualitative Methods Be Applied to Behavior Analytic Research: A Discussion and Suggestions for Implementation. Behav Analysis Practice (2024).
(Open access) A good introduction and discussion of the need for qualitative research. One of my favorite examples is here

Behavioral Interventions *
2/25 Clark, R. J., & Wilder, D. A. (2024). An evaluation of training components necessary to teach staff members to conduct an intensive pediatric feeding intervention. Behavioral Interventions, e2004.
1/5 participants learned from a reading and a video; 1/5 participants learned after a reading, a video, and asking questions; the remaining 3/5 required feedback and modeling

3/2 Nicolosi, M., & Dillenburger, K. (2024). The effect of phonics skills intervention on early reading comprehension in an adolescent with autism: A longitudinal study. Behavioral Interventions, e2007.
An adolescent with ASD and profound ID received intensive phonics instruction, and showed an increase in early reading comprehension skills

Behavior and Social Issues
2/28 Hernandez, M., Ross, D. & D’Arms, A. Behavioral Skills Training and Literacy: Supporting Reading Instructors in Adult Education Centers. Behav. Soc. Iss. (2024).
The authors used BST to train tutors on how to use BST, which was effective

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior *
3/1 Stüttgen, M. C., Dietl, A., Stoilova Eckert, V. V., de la Cuesta-Ferrer, L., Blanke, J.-H., Koß, C., & Jäkel, F. (2024). Influence of reinforcement and its omission on trial-by-trial changes of response bias in perceptual decision making. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 1–20.
(Open access) Two factors influence decision making: discrimination and bias. The authors find that trial-by-trial data better reflects these variables than specific models

Alonso-Vega, J., Harte, C., & Barnes-Holmes, D. (2024). Analyses of relational coherence and rule following: Consistent liars are preferred over occasional truth tellers. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 1–13.
(Open access) People prefer coherent speakers, and they also prefer consistency -- whether that is consistent lying or consistent truth-telling. This explains a lot about...politics in general, let's say

Education and Treatment of Children
2/26 Mittiga, S.R., Freeman, N.C., Leif, E.S. et al. Behavior Change Potential of Classroom Behavior Management Mobile Applications: A Systematic Review. Educ. Treat. Child. (2024).
(Open access) 15 studies in 13 years were found to evaluate mobile apps for classroom management (e.g., ClassDojo) that were typically used for supplementing a self-monitoring program or for classwide reinforcement. People generally view them favorably, but there is not currently strong evidence for their use

The Psychological Record
2/26 Caimano, S., Malkin, A., Monroy, P. et al. A Scoping Review of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Higher Education. Psychol Rec (2024).
34 articles used ACT in higher education, and both internet-delivered and in-person interventions were effective. However, about half the studies were not written technologically and would not be possible to replicate

Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science
2/28 Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) among U.S. veterans: A systematic review
(In press) 34 studies, including 8 RCTs, show that ACT has "promise" in treating various issues associated with veterans

3/1 Perspective taking reduces the correspondence bias: A systematically replication of Hooper et al. (2015)
(In press) As of 3/1, the typo in the title is [sic] (the authors appear to be Brazilian). Exposure to a brief perspective-taking exercise mitigated correspondence bias in an analog judgment exercise

European Journal of Behavior Analysis
3/1 Hugo Curiel, Emily S. L. Curiel, Joey Ryan, Katarina Rotta, Alicia Roca & Alan Poling (2024) Geographic affiliation of authors and cooperative research in the Mexican, European, and Brazilian journal of behavior analysis, European Journal of Behavior Analysis, DOI: 10.1080/15021149.2024.2324509
Author background was assessed in the Mexican, Brazilian, and European journals of behavior analysis. In the Mexican and Brazilian journals, most authors (90% and 70%) were Latino, and in the European journal, 58% were North American and 42% were European

Journal of Organizational Behavior Management * Volume 44, Issue 1 (2024) 5 articles, 1 open access
Most intriguing: Effects of Feedback Timing on Accuracy of Functional Analysis Implementation
People want feedback before the next performance

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ABA Inside Track
Episode 269 - Systemic and Sustainable Change Toward Equity w/ Dr. Noor Syed


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Applied Behavioral Economics of Blog Demand: “Something Interesting” is Taking a Break. Here’s How to Bring it Back.
Tom Critchfield's excellent blog series is taking a break, and it seems like it's mainly due to a lack of reader interaction. I recommend you take a look at his entries here. For the record, beyond his excellent blog posts, he co-authored one of my all time favorite articles (scalloping in Congress) and has an impressive publication history

The Beautiful Game, Magical Mands, and Divine Intercession

Introducing bell hooks to teachers of behavior analysis

Empathy Activities for Siblings of Autistic Children

Licensing & professional organizations

Profound Autism Alliance
The Profound Autism Alliance appears to have updated their website extensively

Review of ABA for SLPs: Interprofessional Collaboration for Autism Support Teams

❤️ASAN February Update ​​❤️

OBM Network
OBM Network Conference Registration Open April 11-12, 2024 in Houston, Texas (In-person & Live streaming)
Some great speakers; $160 for 12 CEUs

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Autism, IDD Software Giant CentralReach Acquires SILAS
This is how they get into schools, but meanwhile every teacher hates their data and IEP systems.

Accidentally behavior analysis

A mainstream news article that relates to behavior analysis

C.I.A. Violently Cut Off 9/11 Suspect When He Tried to Talk About Attacks, NYT
(Some graphic descriptions of torture in this link)

Dr. Mitchell has described the rolled-up towel as both “a safety collar” and a tool to condition prisoners. After the brutality ended, he said, an interrogator could bring just a towel to a debriefing session to remind a prisoner of “the hard times,” code in the black sites for brutal interrogations.

If the CIA believes that torture will evoke only “honest” verbal behavior (a say-do correspondence), then we ought to replace their offices with animal trainers. I hear Neuralink has a few.

Continuing education


BehaviorLive has a list of events, some of which are free: 3/6 (ETH), 3/20, 3/21, 3/26 (SUP), 3/27 (ETH) 


Behavioral Development Bulletin, 2001

Dick Malott on moral behavior, John Watson’s “child rearing advice,” the Barnes-Holmeses on “development of self,” and more!