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Behavior Analysis in Practice
01/29 Luke, M.M., Dams, P. & Lichtenberger, S.N. Improving Human-Service Organizations through Process Mapping: A Tutorial for Practitioners. Behav Analysis Practice (2024).
Process mapping is kind of like a task analysis for business tasks, and you should try it

01/30 Kronfli, F.R., Vollmer, T.R., Hack, G.O. et al. Optimizing Learning Outcomes when Teaching Sight Words using Fruits and Vegetables as Reinforcers. Behav Analysis Practice (2024).
Is candy the only possibility in DTT, or do fruits and vegetables work? Only one way to find out

Behavior Modification *
01/30 Chezan, L. C., Bauer, A., Drasgow, E., Garcia, H., & Warman, A. (2024). Generalization and Discrimination of Positively Reinforced Explicit Mands in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Behavior Modification, 0(0).
The authors taught a new explicit, reinforced mand, which generalized when presented with examples and non-examples; in one case the mand was overgeneralized

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior *
01/29 King, H., Martone, L., Laureano, B., & Falligant, J. M. (2024). A systematic review of enhanced resurgence paradigms. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 1–13.
The authors identify a number of studies that show evidence of resurgence (where a previously extinguished behavior returns) due to changes in the environment or reinforcement conditions; only 2 studies ultimately included comparison conditions. The authors make recommendations for future studies of resurgence

Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions *
01/29 Amaya, A. J., & Amundson, L. (2024). The Changing Role of the District PBIS Coordinator Throughout the Stages of Implementation. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, 0(0).
The district PBIS coordinator is a critical role but...what do they do? The authors determined the responsibilities of the role, and how those responsibilities change through an implementation process

Education and Treatment of Children
02/01 Samudre, M.D., Grasley-Boy, N.M. & Viotto, J. Applying Multitiered Support for Professional Development to Targeted Student Interventions: A Single-Case Design Study. Educ. Treat. Child. (2024).
Teachers were trained and monitored in using a self-monitoring program with students identified as at-risk; the teachers improved their fidelity, but treatment gains were variable

The Psychological Record
01/31 Boldrin, L.S., Debert, P. & Dymond, S. Avoidance Extinction in Equivalence Classes. Psychol Rec (2024).
In a translational experiment, subjects participating in an analogue task were subject to extinction in some conditions; extinction transferred in an equivalence class in some cases where there was direct extinction and no punishment

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
01/31 Palmer, J.K., van der Pols, J.C., Sullivan, K.A. et al. A Double-Blind Randomised Controlled Trial of Prebiotic Supplementation in Children with Autism: Effects on Parental Quality of Life, Child Behaviour, Gastrointestinal Symptoms, and the Microbiome. J Autism Dev Disord (2024).
Prebiotic supplements had no effect

European Journal of Behavior Analysis
01/31 Ashley N. Creem, Amy Bukszpan, Jessica L. Piazza, Dena Wasserman, Asim Javed, Justin B. Leaf, Joseph H. Cihon, Amanda N Kelly, Melissa S. Saunders, Melissa L. Olive, Julia L. Ferguson, Christine Milne, Robert K Ross & Mary Jane Weiss (2024) Scrolling into trouble: Navigating social media’s pitfalls with applied behavior analysts, European Journal of Behavior Analysis, DOI: 10.1080/15021149.2024.2309416
(Open access) Many interesting recommendations regarding social media. I'll add mine here: don't


ABA Inside Track
Episode 266 - Error Correction

Behavioral Observations
AAC Use With Adolescents and Adults With ASD: Session 254 With Andy Bondy

ABA Technologies
Overidentification of Black Boys Having Challenging Behaviors


Generally these are produced by professionals

Where Some of the Most-Noticed 2023 Behavior Analysis Articles Attracted Attention

Expanding the Reach of Operant Behavioral Economics in Climate Action

5 Perspectives on the “Betterness” of Behavior Analysis And you can vote on the best one!

Suggestions for Teaching Time Sampling A good summary of time sampling strategies

New French Translated Course: Evaluation Fonctionnelle Pratique et le Traitement Basé sur les Compétences des Comportements Problèmes Sévères (10 CEUs)

High-Quality Health Care Hard to Find
Particularly if you have a disability or are neurodivergent

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The SEED Model for ACT Supervision - a free ebook
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Letter to FDA re: Electric Skin Shock Ban

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Treatment summary: Lego®-Based Therapy
Would you be surprised to hear that there is not yet strong evidence for this intervention?

2023 Data & Developments infographic

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OBM Network Conference Registration Open April 11-12, 2024 in Houston, Texas (In-person & Live streaming)
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Autism services, behavioral health, etc.

Investors Favor In-Network Behavioral Health Providers for Faster Growth and Returns
A practical-yet-ghoulish discussion on where the money comes from

Accidentally behavior analysis

A mainstream news article that relates to behavior analysis

Why We Should Be Skeptical of Elon Musk’s Neuralink Implant Claims, The Daily Beast
One of the few skeptical outlets that are, let’s face it, reporting on a tweet (see NPR for an example of a well-written piece that simply reports on the claim). We’ve been tracking this story due to the patented Neuralink Monkeytorture™ procedure, and the fact that Neuralink monkeys reportedly receive up to a year of behavioral training to tolerate invasive surgery. Nature takes the unique strategy of reporting that Neuralink did not preregister their trial and do not appear to have taken necessary steps to publish any data.

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Skinner answering audience questions

In 1972, Skinner answered written questions from audience members.