Scholarly publications

Includes peer reviewed journals within and adjacent to behavior analysis
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Behavior Analysis in Practice Volume 17(1); 2024 Mar 28 articles, 2 open access
Most intriguing: The Effects of Motor Fluency on Dressing Tasks and Decreasing Escape Behaviors
March 2023 now free to read

3/6 Nohelty, K., Novack, M.N., Robinson, R.A. et al. Compassionate Care Training for Behavior Analysts to Support Caregiver Collaboration. Behav Analysis Practice (2024).
A 5-week training using BST and ACT taught clinicians how to use compassionate care skills; the supplemental info has an interesting checklist of the skills 

Elcoro, M., Flores, A., Jimenez-Gomez, C. et al. Behavior Analysis in Venezuela: An Unrecognized Legacy. Behav Analysis Practice (2024).
The title is accurate, since I'm a nerd who had never heard of the behavior analytic tradition in Venezuela 

Haydon, T., Carnahan, C. Implementing a Picture Prompt and Proximity Intervention in a Classroom with an Adult Learner: A Case Study. Behav Analysis Practice (2024).
(Open access) Proximity and a picture prompt kept a student more on-task

Journal of Organizational Behavior Management * Volume 44, Issue 1 (2024) 5 articles, 1 open access
Most intriguing: Effects of Feedback Timing on Accuracy of Functional Analysis Implementation
People want feedback before the next performance

3/3 Byron Wine (2024) An Evaluation of Magnitude in Monetary Incentives, Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, DOI: 10.1080/01608061.2024.2323481
Nobody will do any filing for less than $2.11. I read a lot about how this is the problem with millennials or whatever

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis *
3/8 Price, R.A., Martin Loya, M.R., Folkerts, R. et al. The Ethical Landscape of Behavior Analysis Forums on Reddit. Behav Analysis Practice (2024).
The authors find that most people behave ethically on Reddit, mostly by complaining or asking advice. People tend to only behave unethically by offering treatment advice (which is unethical because the poster doesn't know the client)

Behavioral Interventions *
3/5 Bahry, S., Gerhardt, P. F., Weiss, M. J., Leaf, J. B., & Ayres, K. M. (2024). Improving goals written for individuals with autism: Preliminary results on assessing meaningfulness and relevance to adulthood. Behavioral Interventions, e2006.
People may not have training on writing goals; the authors provided training, and experts and the practitioners themselves rated their new goals as superior

Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions *
3/6 Mittiga, S. R., Freeman, N. C., Furlonger, B. E., Chan, P., & Leif, E. S. (2024). A Content and Quality Evaluation of Mobile Classroom Behavior Management Applications. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, 0(0).
(Open access) A survey of 11 classroom management apps finds that they only use about 9 of 21 possible behavior change techniques

Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science
3/3 Stress and mental health: The role of emotional schemas and psychological flexibility in the context of COVID-19
(In press) Emotional schemas (essentially, a personal evaluation of your own emotional reactions) and psychological flexibility (staying in the present moment, etc.) have a strong relationship to stress

3/6 Initial steps in developing acceptance and commitment therapy for moral injury among combat veterans: Two pilot studies
(In press) The authors are developing an ACT intervention for "moral injury," which is where an event conflicts strongly with personal morals

3/9 The extended evolutionary meta-model and process-based therapy: Contemporary lenses for understanding functional analytic psychotherapy
(In press) An inside-baseball accounting of how functional analytic psychotherapy integrates with process based therapy

European Journal of Behavior Analysis
Sarah A. Hensel, Alexandra M. Cicero, Christopher R. Colasurdo, Kenneth F. Reeve, Karly Stepper, Sharon A. Reeve & Ruth M. DeBar (2024) Comparing the stimulus-pairing yes/no procedure to match-to-sample to establish equivalence classes with adults, European Journal of Behavior Analysis, DOI: 10.1080/15021149.2024.2324508
A recent study found that matching to sample (MTS) was approximately as fast and efficient as stimulus pairing yes/no (SPYN) (where 2 stimuli are displayed on a screen, and the participant clicks "yes" if they're related and "no" if not). In this follow-up, the authors found that MTS was slightly more efficient due to faster acquisition in baseline

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ABA Inside Track
March 2024 Preview
Episodes will be:
Between Now and Dreams Book Club
Assessing Social Validity
Social Justice Research Practices w/ Dr. Malika Pritchett

Behavior Analysis in Practice- The Podcast
S6E1: Feasibility, Acceptability, and Preliminary Efficacy of a Smartphone-Based Contingency Management Intervention for Buprenorphine Adherence with Anthony Defulio & Rosemarie Davidson

Behavioral Observations
La Intersección Entre la Fonoaudiología y el Análisis de Conducta: BOP en Español 7 con Estefania Alarcón Moya


Generally these are produced by professionals

Applied Behavioral Economics of Blog Demand: “Something Interesting” is Taking a Break. Here’s How to Bring it Back.
Tom Critchfield's excellent blog series is taking a break, and it seems like it's mainly due to a lack of reader interaction. I recommend you take a look at his entries here. For the record, beyond his excellent blog posts, he co-authored one of my all time favorite articles (scalloping in Congress) and has an impressive publication history

Buckle Up! Steering Towards Effective SLP Collaboration
Some good recommendations for meetings and collaboration

What to Say When She Says, “I’m Autistic.”
Some good, short advice

Licensing & professional organizations

US Employment Demand for Behavior Analysts
A new report showing: demand is up

BHCOE Responds to OIG’s Audit of MassHealth’s ABA Program and Offers Support and Resources to Providers
They don't appear to mention the OIG's findings, which were: "that MassHealth overpaid $17.3 million in claims to ABA providers that did not provide the required supervision of its paraprofessionals, “impossibly billed” more than 24 hours of service in one day and billed for ABA services on major holidays like Christmas and the Fourth of July."

Evaluating a Treatment without Extinction for Elopement Maintained by Access to Stereotypy

Testimony of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, Senate Special Committee On Aging Hearing on Competitive Integrated Employment

Profound Autism Alliance
The Profound Autism Alliance appears to have updated their website extensively

OBM Network
OBM Network Conference Registration Open April 11-12, 2024 in Houston, Texas (In-person & Live streaming)
Some great speakers; $160 for 12 CEUs

Business world

Autism services, behavioral health, etc.

Reimbursement Trends Could Make More Autism Services Available for Adults
Adults, particularly with severe problem behavior, are an underserved population, and more resources would be a welcome change

Accidentally behavior analysis

A mainstream news article that relates to behavior analysis

My autistic son, the unleashed dogs of Manhattan and me., NYT

I don’t know if the person described in the story had ABA services, I don’t know if the family wants ABA services (or any help at all). Nevertheless it’s a story that illustrates the need for the availability of services for adults.

Continuing education


BehaviorLive has a list of events, some of which are free: 3/20, 3/21, 3/26 (SUP), 3/27 (ETH) 


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